Historic & Ongoing Campaigns

Chico Peace Vigil

Representing the consistent tending of a seed that grew into the Chico Peace & Justice Center, peace-makers have gathered weekly in downtown Chico for more than 50 years. Join us this weekend! MORE

Chico Palestine Action Group

Working for human rights and justice for the native peoples of historic Palestine in the face of brutal military occupation and continuing colonization of their lands and resources by the Israeli government. MORE

Occupy Beale Air Force Base

This non-violent direct action campaign educates the public about the impact of drone warfare and surveillance. A monthly protest in Marysville draws media attention to the issue and communicates with military personnel at the base. MORE

Peace Panel Project

This is a traveling street art installation calling attention to issues not covered in the mainstream media, from geo-engineering to censorship to celebrating peace-makers to exposing government impropriety. MORE