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February 2016        Volume 36, No. 2
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Executive Director's Report
Center News 
Financial Report and Membership Drive
Peace Gardening 101
Grassroots Healthcare Revolution Workshop
We've Got to Stop This Fascist Takeover
Slow Theater State of the Union

Join with Mobilize
Occupy Beal Update
Safe Space Needs Volunteers
Torres Shelter Empty Bowls
Chris Moore-Backman Interview by Truthout


Executive Director's Report
Aramenta Hawkins

Since the start of the year, the Chico Peace and Justice Center has embarked on a number of community building projects inspiring program and exciting social justice events. After the election, CPJC brought in various active community groups who strive to strengthen communication and create working groups dealing with race, economic, environmental, and other important social justice issues. Groups like Mobilize, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), and Daring to Discuss are just some of the few groups that meet at CPJC on a regular basis and who take it upon themselves to engage community members with a plethora of current, valuable and events. CPJC followers can find out more about these groups and more on our website at 

As the Executive Director of CPJC, I am presently taking part in various speaking engagements and media events to guarantee CPJC continues to be in the forefront of local and national social justice issues. For instance, CPJC was a big part of the Women’s March in Chico, sharing with the Women’s March planning group much needed resources that allowed community members to gather in our space and to organize and carry out an impactful event for the community. During the Women’s March CPJC volunteers and I conducted community outreach and assisted with the march through Chico and the rally. 

In addition, I took part in developing and presenting CPJC’s vision and mission at Chico State’s Activism 411 event, which engaged community members and Chico State students on a multitude of activist concerns subject matters and provided tools which foster effective community building.

In the month of February, CPJC volunteers, interns and I are set to take part in upcoming community events such as: the People’s State of the Union presented by Slow Theatre and CSU Chico’s Cross Cultural Leadership Center’s programs about race and race relations in Butte County.


Center News: Recent Board Actions

The Center is getting a lot of visibility and good will during the preparation for recent events such as the MLK Observances in Chico and Paradise, the Women's March in Chico, an Activism 411 event at CSUC and others. We have high praise for our Executive Director, Aramenta Hawkins.

The People Committee reports that applications are coming in for a part-time position based on the AJ Muste grant. It will include four hours per week for Career Builders, plus time for administrative help for Aramenta. The Alternatives to Violence project is looking looking for someone to over AVP in Justin Lin’s place. This would be a 6-month position. 

The Money Committee has launched its fundraising drive with paper mailing to our current and recent contributors. It includes the annual report and will be one of several membership mailings this year. See also Financial Report.

The Events Committee was pleased with the MLK Dinner and thanks Ashley and Johnny for their work of coordination. We are now gearing up for Pancakes for Peace, scheduled for April 16, with the Board coordinating efforts with the P4P team. 

The Program Committee committee reported Gardening 101 is resuming in February with a Seed Starting Workshop, and the Everybody's Revolution workshop will focus on the Grassroots Healthcare Revolution.  The next Veteran’s Voice date isn’t set yet. Jesse Olson will return for a presentation to be filmed.

The Board is planning a De-Escalation Training workshop soon focusing on how to deal nonviolently with potential incidents. This is intended as part of the Board's ongoing training, but will be open to all. 

The CPJC board is seeking new members for three-year terms. Any interested people should contact Board president Izeck Hempseed. We need some new blood on the Board, particularly new, energized activists.


Financial Report and Membership Drive

You most likely received a snail mail from CPJC including our 2016 annual report of activities (an impressive list, by the way) and our financial status. The good news as reported by treasurer Chris Hayashida-Knight is that the Center balanced its budget for the previous year with income of $53,590 and expenses of $49,285.  This shows that CPJC is accomplishing an extraordinary amount with very modest funding.  As the graphic below shows, we rely heavily on member contributions for our support. We'd like to do even events, and outreach in 2017, and the Board is committed to finding more paid help to support our Executive Director, Aramenta Hawkins.  If you have responded to our mailing, thank you.  If you have not responded or have maybe misplaced the packet, please consider supporting—or increasing your support—for CPJC.  You can send a check to 526 Broadway, Chico 95928 or go to the CPJC Website to learn about our membership options and make your contribution.  


Peace Gardening 101 Resumes
with Collen Wolfchuck
Saturday, February 4
11 am - 12:30 at the Peace Center Garden

Spring really is just around the corner, and this workshop will help you create your own vegetable starts for your home garden, for free. There's nothing more peaceful than your garden.  We'll have tomato, peppers, eggplant and lettuce seed along with all the supplies for you to use.  We will provide as much or as little instruction for participants depending on skill level and interest.  Growing your own food is empowering and healing. Come connect with other gardeners and share your stories while we plant seeds. For additional information, contact Colleen Wolfchuck at


Grassroots Healthcare Revolution
Exploring the Wheel of Integral Nonviolence
with Mojohito von Tchudi
Wednesday, February 8, 6-8 pm at CPJC

This workshop will describe local, affordable, non-toxic, and sustainable prevention and care within the current and evolving health care system. Mojohito will advocate plant-based medicine providing four local/global benefits: affordable healthcare, ecological restoration, economic uplift, and preservation of botanical health traditions. He'll describe how medicinal herbs, when ethically sourced, embody the four global benefits, and how attendees can get started with the grassroots healthcare revolution in their homes and with their families. 

Mojohito is an Asian Healing Arts and Whole Foods Nutrition certified practitioner and teacher of nutrition, herbalism, tai chi, and yoga philosophy.  He formerly served as the director of the Heartwood Institute Wellness Center and has practiced clinically in Chico. He teaches classes that blend principles of nutrition, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, healing movement, and awareness practices. This workshop will offer a practical entry to grassroots healthcare with techniques learners can apply immediately, plus a broader vision that inspires contemplation and self study. 

The workshop is part of the ongoing Peace and Justice series, “Everybody's Revolution: Exploring the Wheel of Integral Nonviolence,” which discusses current issues from a Gandhian perspective. Previous workshops have examined poverty, homelessness, and community building. Future sessions, second Wednesday of each month, will explore the environment, local economy, and community action to achieve peace and social justice.

The workshop is free and open to the public. Preregistration is recommended but not required at


We’ve Got to Stop This Fascist Takeover!
Next Steps

Emily Alma

On Inauguration Day and Women’s March day, January 20 / 21, thousands of Chicoans responded powerfully to the threat of a fascist takeover by the new administration, whose leader is a madman. Since then we have been left gasping by the audacity, foolishness, and cruelty of Trump’s pronouncements.

Following an inauguration speech filled with blind nationalism and dark distortions of the state of our union, Trump’s pronouncements have been even more swift, blatant and anti-democratic than most of us imagined possible: firing top level State Department staff, stripping grant money from Sanctuary cities, reinstating the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, reinstating a ban on federal funds to international groups that perform abortions, and banning all refugees and residents from seven predominately Muslim countries to enter the US, even American citizens returning home, those with approved visas, even those who risked their lives to aid US armed forces.

That “Democracy is not a spectator sport” is true more than ever. The energy of resistance continues unabated, with thousands in the streets, in government offices, at airports, wherever there has been a travesty of justice. And beneath the surface of the demonstrations, the long term strategizing is under way.

In future Peaceful Actions, more in-depth thoughts, but at this moment, just tossing it out there – to get involved! Some options in Chico:

• Mobilize meets Sundays at noon at CPJC.

• Butte County Health Care Coalition strategy meeting is February 21; check face book pages.  

• Everybody's Revolution meets the second Wednesday of each month to explore the Wheel of Integral Nonviolence and to consider community actions.

• The Women's March on ChicoMoving Forward, and Norcal Progressives for the 99%; the January 20 Solidarity Coalition are gearing up for new actions. 

• The Chico Peace Vigil continues its decades-long tradition at the corner of 3rd and Main Saturdays, 12:30 to 1:30

• The Chico Palestine Action Group resumes monthly Sunday demonstrations on 20th Street, February 5.

See you in the streets!


 Slow Theatre Presents
People's State of the Union: Hope & Fear
Friday, February 3, 2017, 7:30 PM
1078 Gallery (820 Broadway, Chico)

The People's State of the Union will be an opportunity for our community to come together and share our thoughts on where our country is headed.

The theme is “Hope and Fear,” and we’ve invited a range of community members to share their thoughts in short, five-minute presentations. Please join us for this one-hour presentation—a chance to listen to each other, and a space to share your own hopes and fears.

Community speakers include: Tracy Butts, Aramenta Hawkins, Josh Indar, Anna Moore, Anthony Peyton Porter, Jose Preciado, Robert Tinkler, Roger Trent, Daniel Veidlinger, David Welch and Jer Xiong


Occupy Beal Update
Chris Nelson

Occupy Beale protestors faced rain on their Monday monthly vigil January 23 and 24. After thoughtful discussion on who was willing to risk arrest, our guest Brian Terrell, from Maloy, Iowa, co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, decided, along with Flora Rogers of Occupy Beale in Marysville, to put crime scene tape around the base marquee inside of the Main Gate at Beale. Terrell and Rogers slipped across the line before dawn but were quickly arrested. Although they were cited and released the time with the young air force service personnel was an excellent sharing opportunity. One of the military police even wrote on the back of the Drone Killing is a Crime sign—We Love you Occupy Beale! Terrell also spoke here in Chico on Sunday, Jan. 29th See for more on Voices' activist peace work.  


Join with Mobilize
Now Meeting Sundays* at CPJC

Mobilize is a new Chico organization dedicated to the defense of human rights and human dignity and to the preservation of democratic values locally, regionally, and nationally through political engagement, direct action, and community collaboration. We do this work by:

• Supporting groups and individuals who have long histories in these struggle

•Seeking common ground with new allies and compelled by new urgenc

• Organizing resources to meet long-standing as well as freshly uncovered needs

*The first Sunday of each month our meetings are held at noon out in the fresh air at the Chico City Plaza ; we’ll be holding Signs for Solidarity to demonstrate our support for vulnerable groups in our area, putting our words into action. Other meetings Sundays, noon, at CPJC.

Join with us to effect change, defend democracy, protect equality, and secure civil rights. Our website:  Our email:  


Safe Space Needs Volunteers

Safe Space continues its extraordinary work proving food and shelter for Chico homeless people. They have lots of opportunities available for volunteers, so please take a look at the schedule and sign up for slots.  Similarly, please pass along this information to a friend, they'd love to have new volunteers!  Here is the link to the volunteer schedule:  

Thank you for supporting Safe Space.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Safe Space at  Also check out Safe Space on Facebook facebook@chicosafespace or on the web


Torres Shelter Empty Bowls 2017
Thursday, February 23, 5 and 6:30 pm
Chico High School in the Lincoln Center

Amazing local soups will be served in handmade bowls made by guests from the Torres Community Center with the help of artist Robin Lee and local high school students. A raffle and silent auction will be part of the evening. Purchase tickets for the 5:30 or 6:30 sittings for $12 in advance and $15 at the door.  Tickets are on sale at Christian and Johnson; Zucchini and Vine; Chico, Marsh, and Bidwell JHS; CHS and PVHS, and at the Inspire School of Arts and Sciences.

Chris Moore-Backman Interview on Truthout

Author and nonviolence educator-practitioner, Miki Kashtan, recently interviewed former CPJC Director Chris Moore-Backman about his book, The Gandhian Iceberg. The interview, now featured byTruthout, explores the meaning and place of nonviolence at this most critical moment.  

Chris says: 

The Gandhian Iceberg is a twist on the conventional depiction of an iceberg, in that the proverbial "tip of the iceberg" in this model refers only to the small, outermost edge of the ice visible above water. The biggest, weightiest part of the iceberg—the enormous mass under water—is what Gandhi called self-purification, which I refer to as self-transformation. This is the foundational expression of nonviolence, where we align our individual practice with our deepest principles. This alignment is the cardinal Gandhian commitment.

Read the full interview: Is There A Nonviolent Path to a Livable Future: A Conversation with Chris Moore-Backman.


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