Introducing the new CPJC Co-Directors!

Dear CPJC Community,
We are thrilled to introduce our new Co-Directors, Aramenta Hawkins and Olivia Schmidt, and are looking forward to re-opening our office this coming Monday, March 9th. As we enter this exciting new phase of growth and community engagement, we invite you to personally engage in our work and community. First and foremost, we encourage you to drop in to our upcoming reception on Wednesday March 25th from 4-6pm at the CPJC office to meet and greet our new co-directors. This will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with our new staff and our board of directors, and to talk about the work of CPJC. In the meantime, please read on to the end of this email to find out more about our new Co-Directors.

Please note that for the month of March our office hours will be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 11am-2pm which will expand to Monday-Friday beginning in April. We look forward to that time when our staff will have greater availability to interact with our community and the broader public. Meanwhile, we continue the exciting peace and justice work that CPJC is known for and want to share a few examples of that work with you.

Exciting ongoing work at the Chico Peace & Justice Center:

  • The New Jim Crow Study Circle has formed an affinity group actively working on identifying and providing resources to people impacted by the criminal justice system and institutionalized racism in our society. In May we will lead our next Study Circle, ensuring more and more people in our community are aware of the realities of our criminal justice system and the war on drugs as tools of racialized social control.
  • The CPJC Rapid Response Team (RRT) continues to meet regularly to inform the work of CPJC in responding to real-time issues, most recently helping to organize aguest speaker and round table discussion of the Ukraine Crisis and its political implications for global war and peace.
  • CPJC Friends and Allies, like the Chico Housing Action Team (CHAT) and Chico Tree Advocates, continue to utilize CPJC resources to address local issues ranging from environmental advocacy to poverty and homelessness to animal rights.
  • CPJC Community Partners, such as Food not Bombs and the Middle East Working Group, maintain ties with our organization to promote our collective work, share resources, and continue creating space for community building and collaboration to address issues of peace and justice.
  • CPJC historic and ongoing campaigns, including programs like Occupy Beale Air Force Base and Career Builders, are consistently activating against the military industrial complex and the recruitment of our young people to participate in war and US imperialism.
  • Our online resources and downtown store front continue to support local activism and community building through promotion and hosting of local events like the upcoming Environmental Community Gathering and the ongoing Peace & Social Justice Radio Show on KZFR.

As we turn our attention toward re-opening our drop-in office hours Monday, March 9th, we continue to invigorate ourselves with the energy and joy of participating in so many community organizations and events. We hope to see you here at our reception March 25th, 4-6pm, so we can share more of our work and support your engagement with it!