Community Partners

Alternative to Violence Project (AVPC): The Alternatives to Violence Project California, through a California State grant, is expanding and establishing a community presence of workshops and volunteer facilitators within Butte County to support local community and High Desert Prison workshops. AVP’s experiential workshops focus on community building, communication skills, and conflict resolution for community members and inmates in an effort to reduce violence, incarceration and recidivism.

Beginning Spanish Conversation: This is a conversation group that meets weekly at CPJC to instruct and practice beginning-level Spanish speakers to promote multi-lingualism in our community.

Beyond Violence Alliance (BVA): This group offers interactive and experiential workshops to dig deeper into the root causes of violence and peace in our society.

Chico EcoVillage Planning & Community Group (CEPCG): This group seeks to acquire acreage of land in multiple locations to develop maximum vitality of richness of soil and productivity of food in accordance with the principles of Permaculture, Feng Shui serenity, sustainability, harmoniousness design and land stewardship.

Chico Housing Action Team (CHAT): This group is working to create real housing solutions for people experiencing homelessness in our community.

Chico Food not Bombs (CFNB): This is the local advent of a world-wide volunteer-run organization working to provide food to all by serving a free vegan meal every week.

Chico Natural Foods Co-Op (CNF): This is Chico’s local natural foods, member owned co-operative. CNF holds its monthly board meetings at CPJC.

Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA): This group works to build healthy, loving interpersonal relationships and community.

Council for Grieving (CG): This group offers an on-going opportunity to practice presence in grieving, which develops skills necessary to navigate the catastrophic changes of our times.

GRUB Education: Growing Resourcefully Uniting Bellies (GRUB) is a local farm and educational non-profit working to create food sovereignty and education in the Chico area.

Human Relations Network (HRN): This group gathers monthly at CPJC to create a space to talk about issues of discrimination and promoting civic tolerance in support of a hate-free society.

Intermediate Spanish Conversation: This is a conversation group that meets weekly at CPJC to encourage multilingualism in our community and support second-language Spanish speakers at an intermediate level.

MLK Unity: This group builds community involvement and awareness about the legacy of Dr. King and the ongoing effort to achieve a just society for all peoples. The MLK Unity Group puts on Chico’s annual MLK Celebration in collaboration with the Chico Peace & Justice Center and Trinity United Methodist Church.

Norcal Nonviolent Communication (NVC): This is an organization of local trainers, moderators, and educators using the NVC model.

Northern California Counties Time Bank (NCCTB): This group works to create a community that values everyone’s skills and talents equally and where assets are utilized to ensure everyone’s needs are met. NCCTB facilitates money-free exchange of individual skills among our community.

Organizing for Fiber: Chico Cloth: This group works to create unique fabrics made from regional sources of fiber, locally designed and woven that would be recognized and used by the community and the world. This effort works to demonstrate the possibility of a truly local economy.