Educating, Motivating, and MobilizingSince 1960

What We Do


The Chico Peace and Justice Center currently has 4 programs offered which are:  Everybody's Revolution: Exploring the Wheel of Integral Nonviolence which is a multi-session workshop focusing on the Wheel of Integral Nonviolence adopted by the CPJC as a guiding legend, Career Builders which goes into schools where recruiters also might frequent to give students other options other than the military, Veteran Voices which is a speaker series featuring veterans sharing their experience of being in the military without the hype of the media or half truths of recruiters, and Peace Gardening 101 which is a series of workshops aimed at helping people live more sustainably in their own community. More

Historic & Ongoing Campaigns

These non-violent direct action campaigns educate the public about the impact of war and environmental damage.  This includes one of the longest running Peace Vigil's which has been meeting on Saturday at 12:30PM at 3rd St. and Main St. for decades. Check out their next actions and join in.  More

Community Allies

Community Partners of the Chico Peace and Justice Center are organizations that have missions and objectives that are centered around bringing Peace and Justice to our city, county, and planet.  Topic areas include: Environmental Stewardship, Global Peace and Anti-Militarism, Social and Political Justice, and Constructive Program: Building Local Community.  More

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